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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DON'T call him Bubbles

Like most people my age, my first exposure to Bats was in comics, probably in the famously lantern-jawed, unitoothed  Bob Kane 60's mode:

Followed closely by, of course, the fuckin TV show

Now I ain't about to sit here and jump on the you-know-what wagon and mock the TV show, making fun of Adam West's physique and all that shit (although, can ANYONE explain WTF is going with their crotches there???).
I was, you know, 7.
It WAS Batman, you know, like you believe about TV when you're that age.
Two nights a week, I'd ask to be excused from the table early, so that at 7 pm sharp, I'd be ready with a yellow bath towel tucked into my collar, and when this started

I'd be jumping all over the furniture, sofa to chair, pretending to biff the bad guys.

Yeah, a yellow towel.
Like Robin.
How could I pretend to be Batman, I was fucking SEVEN, that would be stupid, jeez, what's wrong with you?
(Yes, I have this credibility polyp on my imagination, remind me to tell you about my sexual fantasies sometimes)
Anyways, it was all about Bats.
And even though I saw the TV show, I knew what Bats looked like.
Exactly like this:

And he wasn't just the best, he was the ONLY real superhero, especially compared to that other one.
Of course I read lots of other comics, but I honestly couldn't fathom how anyone with even half a fucking brain could prefer The Big Red Boy Scout over the Darknight Detective.
Seriously, I mean, this:


Uhhh, hello?

Really, for the love of fuck, Red was all about RULES, Bats was all about BREAKING rules.

Big Red:


Ask to see his 10-40.
Go on, I'll wait.

Fucking Superman is a fucking ALIEN, man! He can do ANYTHING!
And what does he do?

Batman is a marginally improved version of me and you. What does he do?

Rescues a city of millions from a homicidal psychopath.


With extreme prejudice.

Oh, and Superman?

To Be Continued


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