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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tribe, Cisco. Cisco, tribe.

Well it's always a special day when we meet someone new who isn't begging for a shot to the fuckin gob in the first 15 minutes.

Let alone someone who continues to not piss you off for hours and even days, for fuck's sakes.

Seriously, how often does that happen?
Anyways, I'm pleased to welcome our newest member of the tribe.


Unfortunately, it's not all sunshine and ice cream fuckin sandwiches.
He happens to be one of them sons a bitches that actually take their website content and posting duties seriously.
I hate them fuckers.

If you aren't a lame fuckwad, you'll visit his most excellent and richly populated site,

Black Sunshine Media
There's all kinds of cool stuff on there.

Welcome, Cisco, to the end of the road.


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