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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jeez, you almost had me there...

It's no secret to anyone here, I think, that

1. Summertime here in Big Stinky means 2 things. You start buying beers one at a time or they just get too fuckin warm, and, most important, pretty much every woman between the ages of 12 and 490 starts walking around in the beloved S3 (Super fucking Short Shorts), the ones I've said before that are like "Sorry baby...them ain't shorts, em are underwear with pockets"

2. We got no beef with that. Whatsofuckingever.

And, as I think you know, on a general level, the success rate here of S3 is astronomically higher than in most other places you could name.
For whatever reason, it's just a terrific combination.
But now, see, then it gets squirrely.
And they do some dumbass shit like this.

Wait, you're wearing these...garments that expose pretty much everything between your goodies and the sidewalk, and then you...what???

Wear fuckin nylons?

Well what?
In the fuck?
Is the point in all that then???

I swear, sometimes I'm really sure I come from a different planet than this one.


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