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Friday, June 14, 2013

Yeah? And?

So there's this guy, he was with Che through all of the jungle campaigns in Cuba.
They were together through the most grueling parts of the whole revolution, living through a bunch of seriously harrowing battles with the Federales, skin of their teeth-type stuff.
This dude, he really proved his mettle as a fighter and hardcore revolutionary, and Che apparently had a lot of respect for him.

And, of course, they had shared this extraordinary series of life and death experiences together.
Anyways, so the story goes, several years later, when Che is a world famous diplomat and everything, there's some kind of commemorative function at El Capitolio in Havana, and a bunch of these guys are reunited for the first time in years.

And this cat is standing talking with Che and a few other guys, and they're reminiscing and everything, and, you know, they (with the notable exception of Che) are all Cubanos, easily among the most effusive and expressive people in the world, and this guy is telling a story about him and Che, and he has his hand on Che's shoulder, and he's talking and suddenly Che stops him and goes

"Hey. Hey. Hey!"

And the guy stops and kind of looks around, and goes


And Che goes

"What's the deal with the hand?"

I don't know, I just love that story.


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