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Thursday, May 19, 2011

So, you think you're obsessive??

I love finding shit like this.
I kind of stuff it away in my back pocket so I can pull it out the next time someone rags on me and/or The Wee Irish Fella for being too otaku about, like USCSS Nostromo crew patches or the newest bestest keychain LED flashlight.
This dude wrote a whole fuckin book about Tiger Stripe camo pattern, fer jumping out loud!

Tiger Patterns: A Guide to the Vietnam War's Tiger Stripe Combat Fatigue Patterns and Uniforms

You know I'm going to love this shit, since Tiger Stripe is my favourite camo.

Yeah, I got a favourite camo, doesn't everyone???

ETA: Apparently I'm not alone


  1. Tiger stripe? Are you frikkin' BLIND? Everyone knows that urban digital is the coolest camo.

  2. Ahh, maybe Urban Tiger (http://www.tridentmilitary.com/trident/images/urban%2520tiger%2520camouflage.gif)
    But I can't do the diggies, man, they just look weird.

  3. I should mention that I find Desert Tiger to be the most melancholy of all the Tiger Stripe camos...


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