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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big cash, lots of prizes

Hey, it's that time of year again.
We notice that we haven't gotten a new Follower since, approximately, Gerald Ford

was in the White House.

So, it's time to offer the Annual New Follower Bounty.

Any of you that can coerce some bored fuck into increasing our Follower count will receive, in addition to your Raj's eternal gratitude, the following:

One quality domestic tobacco product

AND one actual Taiwan Pineapple Beer (while supplies last)

PLUS, the prizes will be awarded, for the first time ever, pro rata!

That's right, you get TWO marks to sign up, you get, wait for it, TWO smokes and TWO beers!!!

How is this possible, you ask??
Well, suffice to say we've recently been the grateful recipients of an 11th hour Hail Mary cash infusion.
So, naturally, we're passing the savings on to you.
Who loves you and wants the fuckin WORLD for you, all day and all fuckin night?
Damn skippy.

Don't thank me.
Go on and git on it then.


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