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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Continuity...it's everything

So on the way in this morning, I don't recall exactly why, but I flashed back to being like 13 or so and me sainted Ma catching me with smokes in me pocket.
Or she smelled it on me, maybe, both happened quite a lot.
And as I recalled the incident, I sort of realized that my entire childhood took place against a constant background of me being in trouble with my mother.

Liberally peppered with bouts of being in trouble with my grandma (the hateful abusive one, not the negligent drunken one)

and my sister.

Taking this from the perspective of my current situation, and the ensuing years, something seems pretty clear.

It is, for whatever reason, or maybe none at all, my fate, my destiny

to spend my entire existence on the planet in trouble with a woman.

Not that there isn't progress being made, since when I was a kid, at least with me Ma, I was pretty much always in trouble for actually doing something wrong.

Now, of course, we're liberated from all that meaningless burden of determining causality, what with it just not being applicable.

Which is, obviously, a load off everyone's mind.


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