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Friday, November 2, 2012

This one's for

the other path you didn't take, the one where you own 2 black suits (3 pair pants), 4 white shirts, 2 ties, both black, one of these

and one of these

just for, you know, variety.

And you live in a room over a Chinese Restaurant

where they get your mail, with a blue dog

named Roy.

The cigarettes and cheap whiskey are obvious and don't bear mention.

You can be found most every night except Mondays, playing old torchy numbers at some lounge up the street with a bartender named Jake who, despite being well past his prime, still forbears no shit from nobody, and shows you pictures of his two daughters who live in Portland with their Ma and her new husband.
And you're perfectly happy playing all the cheesy old numbers, because people pretty much leave you alone.
And things could definitely be worse.

Oh, and you can get any redhead in town, without even trying.


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