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Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't bring me downnnn, man

Hey, you know that green foam that they use when they're making flower arrangements?

Bizarrely enough, it's actually called "florist foam", what do you know?

Anyways, and I really can't tell you why, at all, but...

I find it extremely depressing.

I'm not kidding, I just look at that shit and I get TOTALLY depressed.

How fucked is that?



  1. You know what's also depressing? Having to go through all these hoops to post comments on your blog.
    But the green bricks too, sure.

  2. Really? I had no fuckin idea. OK, here, I disabled the moderation requirement, does that help?
    You got to be registered to fuckin comment any fucking ways, so that should keep most of the pigfuckers out.
    I mean, non-member pigfuckers.
    Member pigfuckers, you're welcome as always.

  3. Not much changed for me. It only shows up faster. I still have click and type a lot of stuff.
    Ok, nevermind. Carry on.


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