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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Physics in action

OK, someone help me out here, thermodynamically speaking.
How is it possible, given all the exact same conditions, for my fucking bagel

To be approximately 357,000 times hotter than just toast?

Everything's the same, temperature, time toasted, AND YET, when it's a bagel, during transport from the toasting apparatus to the staging area, odds are astronomically in favour of receiving 3rd degree burns due to the white hot temperature, roughly the same as required to melt steel

Which pretty much makes me fucking Chucky

for about 15 minutes every fucking morning.
So what the fuck is up with THAT?



  1. It's all about the roundness coefficient. Hence why you're guaranteed to burn that wee flappy thing on the roof of your mouth every feckin time when you have pizza.

  2. See folks? this is why you want to hang out with engineers.

    Uvula, that would be.

  3. When you hold it with your fingers it's the surface. The bagel is smooth, so there's more surface to finger skin contact than with the toast. That's my guess.


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