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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spark 'em, bro!!

Alrighty then.
Now the last thing we try to do here is tell you how to live your life, especially where spiritual matters are concerned.
You know, as long as you ain't, you know, punching homeless folks to the ground, or repo-ing single-parent families out in the snow...

Or using an iPad.

I couldn't give a monkey's what constitutes a demonstration of faith around your house.
Wanna kneel on gravel whuppin yourself with stinging nettles while someone pulls out your nose hairs (OW!!!)?

Paint your girlfriend blue and run around her in a circle singing Surfer Bird at the stroke of midnight?

Like they ever look like this, riiiiight....

Go nuts.

Only thing I'd like to say is, I sincerely hope you were all able, in some measure, to spend these holidays in the loving presence of someone (or, ideally, EVERYone) near and dear to your heart.

Brought to you for EIGHT
by Raj and the Ranette
I know I did.

Happy Wackenfest, babies.
And now back to work.


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