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Thursday, February 9, 2012

As far as gettin a little Strange goes...

Now, before I start, a bit of a disclaimer.

IF you had been born the last time I was in a room with a naked woman who WASN'T the Ranee, you would have been drinking and voting legally for a while now, at least where I come from.
Of course, for the sake of perspective, the last time I worked a branding,

the rings of Uranus (nyuk nyuk) had just been discovered.

but I can still remember the smell.
Of the branding, not the rings.
For fuck's sakes.
So, you know, fair warning.

But I was just thinking, you know, about the whole Sex with Strangers deal.
Now, of course, YMMV on this, as in all things, but really, was this ever a good deal?

Surprisingly, considering my long history as a recidivist serial monogamist, I've actually had a fairly extensive level of achievement in this area.
And, really, in all honesty, I can't recall a single instance where the experience

(Oh fuck ME, the Uncle Ho Brothers just walked past...I'm this close to pissing myself right now...)

was even remotely rewarding.
And no, I'm not doing that fucking thing that all them fucking guys in fucking sweaters do so they can get sex with affirmative woman type chicks, I'm serious.
Every time I've had fun or even anything remotely resembling a Good Time in the rack, it's been with someone that I had spent at least some time getting to know with they kit on beforehand (or before[choose your body part]).
The other ones just ended up all oogy-like.
And, perhaps tellingly, NONE of them ever ended up in a return engagement.

Just saying, is all.



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