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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My life is like a roadside bar


Cree Summer (yes, that's her real name).

She’s the voice of Penelope Young

in the Batman: Arkham games, and about a billion other things.
She’s hotter than stink, and is best pals with The Bonet, for fuck's sakes.

(Leonard. You


Anyways, get this:

I KNOW HER (Cree Summer's) DAD.

Journeyman film actor, Canookistanian National Treasure, real-life SOA character, and hella swell guy, Don Francks.

Who's done a roughly metric shitload of stuff himself.
You may remember him as Hooky the bar owner in Johnny Mnemonic.
That is, if you care to remember anything about Johhny Mnemonic, many don't (get it???).

Anyways, yeah, I worked with him a couple times.
He’s the only person I’ve ever let call me “Bear”.

First ever voice of fucking Boba Fett, how about THEM apples??


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