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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Haircuts, heroin, women, & Apple computers

Yeah, so last week I shaved (my face, you fucking knobs) for the first time since like October. Partially because it's getting warmer, and partially because the Ranee and Ranette were becoming increasingly reluctant to be seen in public with an Old Testament prophet.

But mostly I shaved because when riding in the rain, my smoke kept getting wet and falling apart.
Priorities, right?
Any fucking ways, I had totally forgotten about what a fucking commitment shit like this entails.
You know, like now, in addition to the already fucking excessive list of a hundred+ things I have to decide about when I get up in the fuckin morning, now I got to fucking decide if I'm going to fucking shave or not, for fuck's sakes.

Like that old hillbilly joke, Yup, I went to school, but hell, nobody told me I had to go back!

First gettin shot, now gettin married...baaad habits...

Yeah, well I still ain't cut me hair, so I still got that going, anyways.


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