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Friday, February 17, 2012

You've GOT to be shitting me

Wait a minute, hold everything.

Am I getting this right?
Seriously, that fucking asinine looking Rock Em Sock Em Robots


the one with young Mr.Ackman, the guy my spiritual guide Outlaw Vern

refers to as the young Clint Eastwood they went back in a time machine and brought here to star in the X Men as Logan Wolverine

this is an actual real fucking movie???

Come on.
I thought it was, you know, like, an Internet joke, you know, like

or some fucking thing.

Crap, I feel like I woke up in 1983 or some fucking thing.


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  1. Malaysia Airlines (at least on the south India run) don't have those nice little screens in above your tray table with a choice of media (or the choice of turning the thing off). Instead, it's old(er) school, with the fold down tellies, one for every twelve passengers or whatever. So the last time I escaped from Hyderabad they're showing this Real Steel, along with some film about a dolphin with no tail. Heart-warming. Anyway, I can confirm your suspicions and tell you this is probably the single worst film I have seen in the last ten years. This places it above both Transformers: Dark of the Moon or that one with Ray Charles in the stealth fighter. Effortlessly above.


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