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Thursday, May 31, 2012

OK, what am I missing?

I was just reading one of them sites where they show all these guys who were executed in the US, and it shows what each of them had for his Last Meal, you've seen them before, I ain't going to link to it.

Anyways, one thing seemed to jump out at me,
(aside from one's overwhelming first impression, which is, like holy FUCK murderers sure do fuckin LOVE fried chicken and gravy

but really, who the fuck DOESN'T??)

And that was, that more than a few of these guys, when requesting their last meal on earth, before they head off into the great unknown, a whole bunch of them ask for...

Diet Coke.

Excuse me????
What the FUCK is going on there???

Beats the crap out of me, that's for sure.


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