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Monday, January 2, 2012

A letter home

Pr Smith S.A., M6O387
6th L.A.A. Reg’t. R.C.A

March 12/45
My Darlings,

Received your very nice letter today and was I ever glad to get it had begun to think you had a new boyfriend as it is just about a month since your last one so please don’t be that long in writing again. It sure is a killer to get in the mail lineup every day for a month and no letter it sure takes the heart out of the best of us.

Have managed to get quite a few letters in that time, but there (sic) not the same as your’s (sic). Was glad to hear you liked the gloves and they fit the kids alright and also can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that Sharon is OK again. It will sure be nice to see that daughter of ours as it is pretty hard to picture just what she is like, hope by now Stanley has got his teeth back in again or he will have to be getting store teeth. I haven’t thought out yet just what I will do if I ever get back but don’t suppose there will be to (sic) much of a choice. However that idea of you and a fireside sure appeals to me, you will be busy if I let you out of my sight, boy what I would do to a nice house with a fireside about now. Sorry to hear there isn’t much hope for your Grandma, suppose she would be better off if she is suffering much. I am supposed to take a trades test for a driver mechanic pretty soon so if I pass that will get another two bits a day so will be able to sign over some more. I will send some money one of these days and get you to buy me a pen as mine has given up the struggle which makes it kind of bad for writing.


Well honey I sure hope we are getting this completed over here and aren't to (sic) long getting home after it is over, have given up hopes of that English leave so will just concentrate on that getting home. I sure laughed at you wondering if that kid brought her mother story you would have to see her to appreciate my laughter, had many teeth missing and built a lot like a hay stack so altogether not quite a dashing figure. I forgot to mention Peterson is now a Lance Bombardier so will probably be a General any time now. I still have a better moustache all though it is off color. Well my sweet will have to close for now and please write often. I love you more than ever and sure feel bad without your letters.

All my love to you and the kids,


(ps) Tell Sonny I sent that foreign money so he should feel pretty rich

My Grandpa Nig and Grandma immediately on his disembarking from the train that brought him home from Europe.
This picture was the frontpage spread in that day's paper.


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