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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You know how hard it is to find a poncho you like, Lance...

So I have this very carefully worked out and specifically compiled system of gear to allow me to maintain the maximum level of comfort and function whilst commuting daily in this savage climate.
Achievement of the ideal warmth/dryness/windproof/mobility/dryout time/portability/breathability/ruggedness index can constitute the better part of a life's work, all things considered.
I believe I currently approach the fulfillment of that ideal.

My outer rain layer consists of this most excellent GI R/S poncho, it's nearly perfect in every regard, but it's one of those deals that's also intended to do double duty as a groundsheet/shelter if needed, and there's these giant fuckoff grommets in each of the four corners.
And sometimes, like this morning, when I'm really tooling along, the wind will set one corner to flapping and fucking HAMMER this fucking grommet into my calf at like 50 fucking times a second, like BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM, I swear it's like having Stewart Fucking Copeland on fucking crystal meth just fucking STONKING it on your fucking leg.
Fucking OUCH all fucking ready!!

Otherwise, you know, it's alright.


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