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Thursday, January 19, 2012

When you tear it from my cold dead ISP...

Holy cow, nothing like a little passo/aggro civil disobedience to get the old heart pumping and psychoses jumping.
I got home last night and went to check my email, and it wouldn't connect. Period. I was connected to the Inkranetsk fine, there was no problem there (which there sometimes is), but I just couldn't load any pages.
So of course, the first thing I figured was that everyone, anywhere, who had even mentioned "those two legislative acts", as we did here yesterday, let's call them the Riggs and Murtaugh of digital repression

Man, I used to have hair like that...no, not like Danny Glover

was already on the books and was having their operations fucked with.
I still haven't decided that isn't the case.
But I did start getting through OK after a while.
Even so, remember what Bill Burroughs said, sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
Or what Raj says, you'd be paranoid too if you knew half the scumbags I do.

Anyway, as the evening and this morning wore on, the number of websites blacked out in protest started becoming pretty impressive, one way or another.

Crap, even when I went looking for them dirty ScarJo

Man, if she's banging Renner I'm going to be SO fucking choked

cell phone piccies, at least HALF of the sites showing them were blacked out.

Fortunately, the OTHER half were working just fine.

So, you know, all isn't lost.


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