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Friday, June 8, 2012

I ain't telling you how to run your life or anything, but...

Now it ain't MY job to tell you how to live, heaven knows.

And nobody's saying you HAVE to do this.

BUT, we're certain here that, if you DO take it upon yourself to follow these few simple directions, you're pretty nearly guaranteed to see a marked improvement in your overall quality of life.
So, you know, git on it boy.

  1. Take off your shoes.
  2. Take off your shirt.
  3. Preset the playback volume on the microprocessor-controlled multimedia device of your choice as close as possible to WAY THE FUCK UP.

  4. Open an icy cold container of a reasonably priced yet perfectly palatable domestic ale or lager product, according to your personal taste.
  5. Pour at least a quarter of the beverage directly onto your exposed chest, and, as always,

(technically, it ain't a retread, last time I posted the music video)

Now go and Friday yourselves silly.


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