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Friday, June 22, 2012

OW! Mmmm OW!! Mmmmmm OWWW!! Mmmmmmmmm...

Shit fucking fire, man.
I threw together this kind of a chicken and sausage and vegetable stew deal for today's lunch, not exactly like this,

but not far off.
Threw some grated cheese on top, so far, mmmm, good eating, right?

Yeah, but then I added no more than a fuckin soup├žon of this fuckin Sambal lado mudo that I got at the Indonesian grocery from that old lady, the one who's like 189 fuckin years old and doesn't speak any fucking discernible language at all.
Maybe I should have tried ancient fuckin Cimmerian or something, maybe next time when I go in, I'll give out with a big old

By Crom!!!

Man, I TOTALLY had this comic, I shit thee not

and see if that gets a fuckin rise out of her.
Seriously, man, Granny's about old enough to have been like one of actual Conan's original babes.

ANY fuckin ways.
So I got this fuckin sambal, and it's just plain fucking SaTANically fucking hot, man

Like, I mean, seriously, I keep checking to see if the bottom of the jar is still there. You wouldn't dare to put this shit in anything plastic, I mean it.
And fucking  forget about it if you ever got any fuckin on you, man, honest to fuck, next thing you know you'd be all fucking melting like the gay kid from Fame in RoboCop.

Anyways, I just put a little bit, and it was still just fucking  furiously spicy.

But sooo fucking good.
You know how that gets, like with Indian or Thai food or some fucking thing, where it's physically fucking painful to eat it, but it's so utterly fucking delicious you can't stop???

I figure this must be what BDSM

is like.


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