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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Signposts for Inspiration

Hey now.
Well it looks like we might maybe be crawling up out of that long dark valley of non-communicativity and may possibly be in the mood to share a few thoughts.

Before we do, however, one feels the need to get somewhat prescriptive on you all.

Just a couple of general notes here.
While, in general, we try hard to stick with our WWDD (What Would Dylan Do) directive..
No, piƱata head, not that Dylan

Fucked up do, check

or that Dylan

Again with the fucked up do

or even that Dylan

The fuck is it with these bastards and their fucking hair, anyways?

No, I'm talking about THE Dylan

Obviously no hair issues HERE

Oh hell yes.
(OK, technically, he's a "Dillon" not a "Dylan", but seriously, did you want me to start getting into this




Of COURSE you didn't)

Any fucking ways, we're talking about THE Dylan, who among many other memorable quotes,

You're all gonna die. The only question is how you check out. Do you want it on your feet? Or on your fuckin' knees... begging? I ain't much for begging! Nobody ever gave me nothing! So I say *fuck* that thing! Let's fight it!
Yeah, well you don't wanna know me, lady. I'm a murderer and rapist of women.

Gave us the timeless basis on which we strive daily to conduct ourselves, specifically

But we tolerate anybody. Even the intolerable.

And how.


There's a couple of items that we need to go over.
We've discussed the iPad deal already.

Just a couple more coathooks on which to hang the knowledge that you AREN'T a useless douchebag.

First, if you now refer, or have EVER referred to this country

Boy, it really DOES look like some kind of garden pest, doesn't it?

as "The 'Wan"...

You're a waterbrained scrote pigfucker.
Get the fuck out of here and don't come back.

If you now refer, have EVER referred, or even THOUGHT about referring to this dish

as "Eggs Benny", well...
You're a waterbrained scrote pigfucker.
Get the fuck out of here and don't come back.

All RIGHTY then.



  1. Will you excuse one instance of "the 'Wan", from a moment of weakness? I was of course immediately disgusted with myself, but I humbly submit this transgression for your chiefly judgment.

    If it helps the case for the defence, I have never owned an iPad or other tablet device. And "eggs benny"? Not on your life.

  2. Thanks boss. I won't waste this second chance I've been given!

  3. Baaaah, I ain't your boss, I'm just another fuckin monkey.


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