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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Actual Human Creates Actual Living Art from Actual Junker, Raj Eats Actual Words

Okay, now I know how you guys think, despite my frequent promotion AND it being linked


There >

I bet a lot of you never even look at The Wee Irish Guitar Blog, now do you?
Well you don't fuckin know what you're missing.
Come on, there HAS to be more to life than just checking in here to read cuss words.
Case in Point:

All the way back in September, while we over here were talking about absolutely fucking NOTHING, the Wee Fella himself was embarking upon a truly epic journey of Redemption and the Quest for Excellence.

He called it a Hofner Colorama II...I called it a piece of crap that looked like it had been carved out of a bar of deodorant soap

The charm of the piece, to say the least, escaped me.
I figured, you know, what the hell, it won't amount to a hill of beans (in this crazy world), but it'll keep him off the streets and the opium pipe, so, what the hell.

Needless to say, there was a lesson to be taught, and Wee Irish was more than happy to serve as the Dean of Shut Your Fucking Piehole U.

Now, those of you with even a shred of fundamental humanity will click through each fascinating stage of the process, just to enjoy the privilege of watching an actual craftsman at work.
If you don't, well, I ain't yer Ma, but, you know, stop being stupid ASAP.

Anyways, here we find ourselves nearly 6 months later, and the project is complete, and holy fuckin snapping lardballs, do I feel like a fuckin goofcake or what.
Watch and be humbled:

Lookin gooooood, sounding great.
EXcellent work there, buddy.
Special notice for the Mater sticker there, it kind of ties the whole video together.

And no, I AIN'T on the ghey for the Wee Irish Fella.

OR maybe I am, in which case, go get your own fuckin pint-sized Irishman.


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  1. He's a superior human being. let's just be glad we know him.


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