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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Enter Carson

So apparently, my Bestest Oldest Friend in the world has been tuning in here.

Carson, everyone.
Everyone, Carson.

I was thinking of a good Carson story to tell, this is one of my favourites.

You all mostly haven't met him, he never goes anywhere that you can't get to by Greyhound.

Jeez they didn't have that slick paintjob when I used to take them...

Except Jamaica

and Cincinnati, I guess

Since I already did the Loni Anderson deal last week there

which isn't too shabby, really.
Any fuckin ways, pivotal to this story is the fact that he's a big strapping good looking fella, sort of a Christopher Reeve

except with talent, or a (young) Bobby Duvall

except with hair.

Anyways, in addition to being extraordinarily handsome, clever, charismatic, well-read, erudite and a lovely fella, he's also kind of a famous guy, being a published, award-winning playwright and well-known actor of the theatrical persuasion

Except he's in colour

and accomplished musician and singer/songwriter. As a result of all these factors, he's sort of got a track record of being associated with generally killer hot women. Smart, funny, engaging. interesting, women of significant achievement and character, to be sure.
But sick fucking hot, just the same.
Anyways, I was talking to him one day, shortly before I left Kanookistania, because I'd been thinking about my own personal history vis a vis the ladeez, and I was considering how I, as well, had a significant history of involvement with really really fucking fine looking women, on a variety of levels, like, really attractive.
Any fucking ways, I was talking with Cars, dead sincere, I was really serious, and I was saying something like, you know:

Don't you ever feel guilty? I mean, you know, all these years, we've been strictly confining ourselves to activity with only the best looking, the hottest, most beautiful women, you know? I mean, I just feel kind of...you know, bad, I mean...who's taking care of all the ugly girls?

Carson doesn't even bat an eye, just looks over at me and shrugs and says, as casual as can be

The ugly guys??

Good to have you on board, brother, Jah Love.


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