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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's like a Friday only it's Thursday

Yeah, I'm holding off on the followup to further discussion of the Dueling Metalheads movies, kind of hoping some of you will go and watch them and I don't want to ruin the ending.

So for FUCK'S sakes, it's me one year anno here at my fucking AWESOME job, and me feckin BELOVED boss, she gets in and comes over to me desk and gives me a traveler of Johnny



for fuck's sakes.
Took long enough, one is FINALLY getting treated in the manner to be which one so thoroughly deserves.

Go on, parse that last bad boy there, I'll wait.

And hey, while we're up and the lights are still on, OK, I can see, sort of, the logic behind Begsy shilling the Johnny

And yeah, the clip is way cool, if calculated.

But what exactly is the reasoning behind fuckin Hendricks (and the kids) representing it?

Not that, you know, one's complaining.
I mean, cleavagatious redhead + whiskey, dang.

Tell you, if she had a pack of smokes hiding down there and the discs for Batman: Arkham City stuck in the back of her dress, well shee-it, gangway boys!!

SPEAKING of which, me FUCKING smokes just went up by a fuckin nickel (NT$5, but you get the point). Bastards.


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