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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pet peeves

Look, you got to be at least half fucking insane to keep cats anyways.

Anyways, our beloved Ranee, she got a really serious, like pathological, fear of furry animals, so there's never been any question of us having that kind of pets.
And this is a totally shit environment for dogs anyways, not that that stops people from having them.
We got fish

I like having the paradigm between PET and FOOD in constant flux...

and these three fucking radioactive turtles. Actually they started out as them little NT$50-sized ones you get, but whatever the Ranee just fucking looks at grows like a bastard (she grows potatoes and chilies and shit on our back balcony and the front balcony Tarzan would fucking get lost in)

Uhhh, OK, so who exactly is supposed to be snapping the photo again??? Fucking Tantor??

and after 3 years of her attentions they're bigger than my fucking hand.

I keep waiting for them to start running around doing the fuckin Ninja shit

at least then I could hire them out and they could pay for their own damn dead flies.


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