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Friday, March 16, 2012

Breathing in, breathing out

Fuck me.
On the one hand, the firm just implemented a major procedural policy change entirely dictated by me.

On the nother hand, there’s a fluorescent tube directly above me that's been blinking on and off all fucking day

and Stinky the Office Puke says they won't have a spare 'til Monday.

On the NOTHER hand, I got a rich and satisfying cup of the finest workingman's tea to be found on either side of the North Channel

(courtesy of guess fucking who) for the 1530 hours tea break

But on the NOTHER hand I got fuck all to go with it except a fucking orange.

Jeez, you wouldn't think a fuckin biccie

or two

would be too much to ask, would you??

Guess a fella will just have to go here and fantasize...


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