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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There goes the neighborhood

I swear to fuck, this dude, Brando's sidekick from the blindingly execrable The Island of Dr. Moreau

works on the 7th floor.
Except he dresses like a chick.

Still, better than having


in the fucking house, I guess.
There'd never be any ice cream at the fuckin Family Mart.

Actually I was chatting with Baron Schinklefucker von Sacksmeller there the other day, and we were recollecting when I used to work for Stalinco out there in Tucheng.
Now that was fuckin scary, I swear to heck, imagine an entire county where your average bus ride looks like

Yeah, and they're all fuckin staring at me, for fuck's sakes...

Hmmm, actually now that I think on it, I'm having lunch next Thursday with a group that ain't far off from that...


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