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Friday, March 2, 2012

Shit that's good to know

Oh yeah, hey, listen, if you're ever stuck out at night

hungry and you got no dough because you, you know, drank it all up

I happen to know of this one place on Wuxing St where you can find a few dozen fresh-from-the-oven hamburger buns

This one breakfast shop gets their stuff delivered in the evening, and buddy just stashes 2 or 3 flats of them in behind this counter deal that's sitting out front of the closed shop.

Now this is just for emergencies, mind, it's too cool a piece of intel to blow on a whim, I'd hate to burn it.
Accordingly, I ain't going to put any more details here, but if you really need to know, get a hold of me and I'll talk you in.

You're welcome, one is glad to be of service.


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