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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey Lady! Yeah you.

So I'm outside and I see this fuckin cow on her scoot waiting for her kid.
Kid comes up, she's like 12 or 13, about the same age as the Ranette.
Kid's just off school, wearing her uni and humping her book bag an all, and the broad don't say hi, don't even make eye contact, just holds out the kid's helmet, like real impatient like and waits for the little bugger to climb on the back.

What a fuckin bitch, like what's the fucking malfunction here?
I mean, the fuck, she's a 12 year old kid, what could she possibly do to deserve that kind of fucking stinkface?

Seriously, man, I mean, really.
You know, if you see a kid, or you talk to a kid, why in fuck would you want to be anything except nice to them?

Especially here, where their average life consists of an average of 15 mungogingillion percent more misery, drudge, and pointless discouragement than any of us will ever fucking know?

I mean you might be the only nice thing that happened to them all fuckin month, for jumping out loud.

They're fucking kids, for fuck sakes!

They're little, they got no beef with you, and they probably don't hurt anyone.

I'm fuckin shaking my head here.

Some days this whole prohibition of casual physical violence doesn't really seem like such a hot fuckin deal...


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